Urban History

About us

In September 2008 when Urban Soundz Berlin started to broadcast, the berlin radio broadcasters had that increasing attitude to erase those shows shose for specialist music from their schedules.

The answer for the why stayed open until today.

So the declarated aim whas it to design a program with urban Soundz Berlin that exclusively consists off shows for specialist music. Until the end of 2009 the program was still in progression and
some of those shows had to be removed because of low feedback, but those sounds came back in some changed shows. Since 2010 all is like now and has established!

Hungry for the Future 

On usb-radio.com Urban Soundz Berlin streams 24/7 soundz like House/Electro/Minimal, Grime, Dubstep, Rap, Ambient, Oldschool Funk/Soul Classics and on our own created: german Rap and electronic music.

Stay Hungry